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for people and planet

GASTROFOUND will transfer its websites under a single domain.

The multimedia platform will be separate.

The Foundation's Board of Directors approved the proposal of the Advisory Committee of the founder Jaroslav Rajtor to transfer the main initiatives of the non-governmental non-profit organization to the unified domain "gastronomy.ngo" and approved the schedule changes.

The reason is the current unsatisfactory situation, which is reflected, among other things, in the fact that the domain names of the initiatives were created in an uncoordinated manner, resulting in a large variation in form and functionality.

The goal is to maximize the security of the e-nonprofit organization, including the email domains of the NGO members, but also to achieve significant financial savings. This significantly reduces the risk of various fraud cases and increases the credibility of websites, especially among their foreign visitors.

The change is also intended to make the organization's website more user-friendly and consistent.

Only GastronomyNEWS, a multimedia gastronomic platform with objective news from all over the world, is managed separately under the domain "gastronomy.news"